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Take a look at some kidzLife movie samples

A (moving) picture tells a thousand words. From fun in the park to playing dress-ups, kidzLife video diaries are as unique as your child. Take a closer look at Julian as he plays lions and tigers with his brother Charlie in the park using these links...
OR view and download Quicktime or Windows Media files HERE.

Watch a kidzLife sample

kidzLife sample movie...

A day in the life of Julian — playing in the park, a fun interview and more. (9:06min)

Watch a kidzLife sample

kidzLife sample bloopers...

A wonderful collection of funny moments during the filming of Julian’s kidzLife video diary. (3:17min)

Watch a kidzLife sample

kidzLife for babies...

Every little magical moment with Charlotte in this kidzLife video for overseas family. (4:00min)

Select your movie to view online. But remember, if you cannot play our movies or would prefer to view via a DVD - just contact us and we'll send our StarReel.

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