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Everything you needed to know about kidzLife

StarScribe-star Download these FAQs as a PDF file: For a printable PDF reference click HERE.

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StarScribe-star What is the difference between a kidzLife video and a video we can set up and film in our own home?

You’ll find there’s a great difference between a ’home-made’ video and a kidzLife video.

When we film a day in the life of your child, we are working from a script. We know exactly what scenes/actions will work best with the theme you have chosen. We also encourage your child to ‘perform’ for the camera at key moments during their Activity and Interview.

During filming, we ensure the sound and lighting is correct, ie there is no harsh shadows on your child’s face and we can hear them loud and clear! And where appropriate, great special effects are added.

The other difference is simply, time. You can create diary-style videos of your child complete with scanned photos, a selection of meaningful songs and selective editing. You can have fantastic ideas, but do you have the time? In essence a kidzLife video gives you the pleasure of reliving the irreplaceable days in your child’s life without the hassle of filming and lighting them.

You and your child inspire the moments, we film them. Simple.

StarScribe-star Why does it cost so much?

In one word, time. Believe it or not, after agreeing on the theme, songs to use and location ideas with you, filming your child is the easy part. The real work begins when the filming ends. The editing is the most time-consuming part of the whole process.

We use the latest digital cameras, computers and software to create your child’s kidzLife video. But all this technology does is make the editing process possible – not easy – and definitely not quick.

On average, it takes 6 hours to edit 3 minutes of entertaining, watchable footage. The results can be stunning, but like all good things, it takes time and we have to charge accordingly.

StarScribe-star Why does the editing take so long?

Back in the studio we have to make lots of choices. All the footage is reviewed against the theme and chosen music. The ‘good bits’ are highlighted.

Then the editing really begins.

Using our experience and creativity, we take tiny segments from all the sources mentioned and start piecing them together. It’s like a big, colourful jigsaw. But it’s a jigsaw without a final shape – because we are dedicated to creating a video that truly highlights your child’s personality. Often we use split-second segments of footage to build to a funny moment, in time with the music and the lyrics of the theme song(s).

It is all very personal. And it all takes time.

StarScribe-star Will my child want to watch it again?

Yes! Nothing will sustain your child’s interest quite like her own image on screen – complete with special effects. We work hard to make sure a StarScribe video doesn’t wind up gathering dust on your shelf. If your child wants to watch it again and again – then we have done our job well. And besides, what better video to show at their 21st?

StarScribe-star Can I give you some of my own footage to edit?

Absolutely. All that we ask is you find the points on the tape you would like to include as part of a new kidzLife film. Just set your video or camera to zero and write down the clock times as well as a brief summary of the pieces you might like. We will then combine this with freshly shot scenes or create a video segment that features only your original footage. It’s up to you.

StarScribe-star What about some old photos?

You’re welcome to supply us with your favourite photos. Depending on the kidzLife package you choose, we’ll scan the best ones in and incorporate them seamlessly into the final result. Presented with music, your old photos could add a new twist to some fond memories.

StarScribe-star What is the perfect age for a kidzLife video?

Any age is the perfect age.

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StarScribe-star Can I choose what’s in my child’s video?

Yes! We discuss the ideas you’ve always loved to apply to your home movies and create a THEME for your kidzLife film. The theme can be based on anything from animals, Barbie dolls, dancing and football to horses, fairies and even “Bob the Builder”. The theme is only limited by your child’s imagination.

Once a theme is chosen the fun can begin. We choose a complementing soundtrack, interview questions, props and scene ideas that will highlight the theme. Then, everything will come together in a fun day of filming to create a video you and your child will love.

StarScribe-star What happens on the day of filming?

Before the filming we would have agreed the theme and soundtrack. We would have also talked to you about interview questions your child will respond to best.

On the day of filming, if we are shooting in or around your home, we will arrive just after breakfast and normally film most of the activity scenes in the morning – to make the most of your child’s excitement and energy. After a break, we’ll film the interview and any other ’extras’ that may be useful.

StarScribe-star Where do you film a kidzLife video?

Wherever is most appropriate to the chosen pop song. And more convenient for you. In the park, at your house or even Grandma’s house – if she can stand it.

Normally we will move around a location – shooting different angles or backgrounds to make the most of the time. But there really is no pressure on you to decide all locations. We can make suggestions based on our experience and the selected theme.

StarScribe-star How many people come and shoot on the day?

When we shoot a kidzLife video, discretion is key particularly in a public place such as a schoolground or sporting event. That’s why there are only two people in the crew. Both Phyllis and Kym are happy to work with teachers and schools too. And great care is always taken not to ’step on any toes’ during filming. Where possible, prior approval can be arranged.

StarScribe-star How much time does it take to film the kidzLife video?

This depends on the Package you choose.
For Short & Sweet we normally film for about 3 hours.
Mini kidz requires up to 4 hours.
And Blockbuster kidz takes up approximately 5-6 hours of filming time that may need to be shot over 2 days depending on the theme, activities – and your child’s attention span!

StarScribe-star Can you tailor a kidzLife film for a special gift?

Absolutely. A kidzLife film would make an ideal and thoughtful present on Mother’s Day – Father’s Day too. And if you still can’t think what to buy for the Grandmother who has everything, what about a kidzLife film of her favourite grandchild? The gift possibilities really are endless. Your husband or wife’s milestone birthday is another great time to think about booking a kidzLife video. With your help, we will arrange to do our filming in secret so the surprise is fantastic on the Day. Just make sure you keep the kids quiet!

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StarScribe-star How many copies of my child’s kidzLife film do I get?

You’ll receive THREE complimentary DVD copies. Extra copies are available for $7 each. We include DVD cases with a personalised cover featuring photos from the shoot. And you even have the option of including smaller, compressed QuickTime or WindowsMedia movies for your iPod or home PC to play or email to friends and family. And yes – we even do good ol’ VHS copies too, just ask.

StarScribe-star Do you have a showreel of children’s videos I can see?

Yes. Click on this LINK and watch Jule’s kidzLife film – or some Bloopers from the day – all with a fantastic Lion King theme. We are also happy to give you a private viewing of our showreel in the comfort of your own home. This is a completely obligation-free meeting. We can show you what’s possible with a good camera, creative editing and great music.

StarScribe-star What method of payment do you accept?

At this stage we accept bank transfers, cheques or cash only. We ask for a non-refundable 40% deposit once a booking is confirmed with the balance to be paid upon delivery of your kidzLife video. The deposit is retained by us if a booking is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the film date.

StarScribe-star What other video products does StarScribe provide?

Lots! Namely, popKidz – real pop videos for little pop stars, popStaff (yep, your office staff can get a shot at pop stardom too), and starEvents which are bespoke movies ideal for milestone events, anniversaries and birthdays.

StarScribe-star Who is StarScribe?

StarScribe is Phyllis Foundis and Kym Borrett: a dynamic Australian couple with a strong background in advertising and a passion for creativity on all levels from children’s videos and stage shows to broadcast quality documentaries. Click HERE to find out more.

NOTES: All editing is done at our editor’s discretion. However, you are welcome to supply us with any editing ideas before filming begins. Please be aware that if you wish to make any personal changes to the final edited video – which we were not aware of prior to filming – we will charge a re-edit fee of $100 per hour.

Please ensure you read our kidzLife Terms and Conditions.

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