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Download your kidzLife PDFs and movie files here

Get closer to the kidzLife action and download a PDF Info Sheet or a movie file. You can watch it in your own time and see for yourself why children — and parents — enjoy their time in the StarScribe spotlight. TO DOWNLOAD FILES or MOVIES: Just Right (or Option) click the links below for the required files and choose Save Linked File As to download.

Download these handy PDF reference files:

kidzLife Info Sheet

Download this 2–page PDF file that features a summary of kidzLife and the available packages. (PDF 0.4mb)

kidzLife FAQs

Download this 3–page PDF file of kidzLife FAQs. A great printed reference for discussions - or to review later. (PDF 0.3mb)

Download these Movie files to view later:

Watch the kidzLife movie sample

kidzLife Movie Sample...

Download a final kidzLife movie. (9:06min)

Play using QuicktimeORWatch the movie with Windows Media Or view HERE.

Download the kidzLife bloopers sample

kidzLife Bloopers Sample...

Download the bloopers from a kidzLife shoot. (3:15min)

Play using QuicktimeORWatch the movie with Windows Media Or view HERE.

Watch a kidzLife sample

kidzLife for babies...

Download magical moments with Charlotte. (4:00min)

Play using QuicktimeORwatch the movie with Windows Media Or view HERE.

See movies by clicking your preferred movie player icon — Quicktime or Windows Media.
NOTES: Movie quality: Both video and sound in the movie samples on this site have been heavily compressed to load and play quickly over the internet. All videos created by StarScribe Productions are presented at broadcast quality. Movie sizes: Our website movie files are normally 5-10mb in size. So - depending on your connection - these movies may take a little while to load and play. Movie format: We recommend you view these movies using the Quicktime files - for better quality and smaller sizes. Install the latest Quicktime player from HERE OR use the links provided to play using your Windows Media Player on a PC. Movie viewing: If you are busy or need to show the movies to other people, you can RIGHT CLICK on the required movie and choose Save Target or Linked File As. Normally this will download the movie file to your desktop and you can play it from there. You could then keep the movie as a reference or email it to others. OR simply click on the Tell a Friend link at the base of the page to send them an email with a link to this page. And remember, if you cannot play our movies - contact us and we will post a DVD to you.

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